3000㎡ dust-free worshop, brand new high-precision equipment, fully automated production line, ISO9001, ISO14001 environmental management system certification to guarantee product quality.

Newstar SMT workshop is with advanced Japanese FUJI NXT-M3/JUKI KE-RS1/3010/3020vam high-speed module patch production line, each line can support 70,000 points per hour, daily production capacity up to 8 million points. The accuracy reach +-0.035mm, can meet users’ production precision requirements of the smallest component 0201/01005.

In order to better serve customers, the company’s marketing, technical and production teams provide technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond quickly and comprehensively to customers’ individual needs.


AOI testing is an extremely important part of electronic manufacturing services. It can strictly control the quality of shipments in the final stage, and find problems in time to adjust the previous processes such as SMT and DIP, optimize the process, and realize layer-by-layer control with a detection chain. quality. Zero-eight-eight technology pays great attention to quality, regards quality as the lifeline of enterprise PCBA manufacturing process, selects test points according to customer’s test plan or conducts general functional test, provides program burning and related aspects of path, environment, voltage/current, pressure, etc. The test ensures the perfect implementation of the OQA factory inspection process. We are equipped with 6 professional technical engineers, some have more than 10 years of experience, carefully completed the PCBA test process, and strictly enforce the AOI test standards.

In the whole PCBA test process, the circuit board production process test is first involved, including AOI, flying probe test or test stand test, mainly testing the through-hole state of the circuit board, whether the circuit is short-circuited, and the appearance. For high-precision, blind buried holes and other complex process boards, it is necessary to conduct a slicing study to find the test problems, and to analyze the key points in the PCB manufacturing process of the circuit board manufacturers, such as improving the copper sinking process and line exposure printing.

We have a complete PCBA test system, mainly covering FCT, ICT, AOI, etc., to ensure that the factory products are consistent with the design function parameters and specifications. The company has professional laboratories to carry out circuit on-off detection, noise, peak test, stability test of various PCB boards, analyze and summarize the causes of system failures, summarize and revert from material level, system structure and material selection, thus to PCBA products. Quality pushes 99% of QA detection targets. Functional testing for workshops, clean rooms, ICT testing and dynamic functional testing (FCT).

We perform test point testing and general functional testing (FCT) according to customer requirements to ensure that each PCBA board is delivered to the customer perfectly. Before making a PCBA board, communicate with the customer and establish a Test Plan, which may require the customer to reserve test points on the PCBA board. When the customer is willing to deliver the IC program, we will help the customer to burn the program, and then use the professional test rack for functional testing. The test rack is usually customized according to the product function.